We want every person who has an interest in learning about coral and how to save them to have the opportunity to get involved. We want to help educate as many people as possible about the current coral issues, bringing awareness to the global mortality epidemic happening caused by negative human impacts. Our introductory courses aim to teach you to become a scuba diver, learn about coral biology and what you can do to reverse the negative human impacts on our ocean environment. Through education and awareness together we can make a difference.

Reef Check Worldwide EcoDiver Certification

Become a Reef Check EcoDiver! This program is 3 days of both classroom and in-water survey methodology training. Learn how to properly conduct a coral survey. Our goal is to have a team of surveyors on all the Hawaiian island, consistently contributing to Reef Checks global database. By creating a long term coral monitoring program in Hawaii we can create the necessary conservation initiatives required to protect and restore our dying coral reefs.

The Reef Check foundation was founded in 1996 with the goal of preserving and protecting the world’s oceans and coral reefs through education, research, and conservation. To accomplish this goal they train thousands of civilian scientists to help survey the health of coral reefs around the world, and we want to help make you one of them! 

Here at the Coral Reef Education Institute we will give you the necessary skills so you can go out into the world and make a difference in the fight to protect our coral reefs. 

We will teach you how to perform transect surveys, how to identify different substrate categories, count indicator fish, invertebrates and so much more! This class is designed for beginner citizen scientists who want to bring purpose to the diving they love.

After you complete this course you will be able to perform your own coral reef surveys and upload the data to the International Reef Check database to be used by scientist all around the globe.

Our Reef Check EcoDiver course is our only course with prerequisite diving certifications, but don’t worry we can certify you right here in house!

Necessary dive certifications:

  • Open-Water

  • Peak-Performance Buoyancy

Padi Course offerings

Not a scuba diver yet? We can certify you from Open Water to Divemaster through the PADI Organization. We have a team of PADI Instructors waiting to train you to be the best diver you can be.

We also offer a a range of the PADI Project Aware courses to teach you how to identify corals, fish and other creatures of the sea.

Human Impact

We are developing a range of courses designed to bring awareness and solutions to the human impact issues that are negatively effecting our oceans and our coral reefs. These courses will include basic information on Coral Biology, Ocean Acidification, Ocean Pollution, Ocean Warming, etc. We are working with a team of scientists that are developing the solutions to these problems and we will teach you how to make a difference by implementing these solutions. We also have a support response team to help you.

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