Tissue Loss Diseases

Coral diseases can also cause rapid tissue loss. These diseases are commonly referred to as “white diseases,” and result in partial or complete coral mortality. Significant disease outbreaks and associated coral losses have been reported in all reef systems worldwide. In 2014 Kauai experienced a disease outbreak causing concern among locals and scientists alike. In 2014 Kauai Island had an outbreak of Black Band Disease. Read more about that here: https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/reefresponse/kaua%CA%BBi-black-band-disease/

Other Tissue Diseases

Corals also experience chronic, slow-progressing diseases. While these lesions do not cause rapid tissue loss, they still result in reduced fitness of the corals, including lowered growth rates, reproductive output, and immune capacity.  

*Photo Credit Eyes of the Reef Hawaii and Greta Smith-Aeby