We are a team of dedicated ocean enthusiasts committed to making a difference in coral health worldwide.

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Reef check foundation trainers

In June of 2019 Heather, Paul, Tara and Nick became Trainers for the Reef Check Foundation. They will host EcoDiver Training courses starting in August and teach citizen scientists how to conduct coral surveys and participate in a global data collection effort.

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Heather Howard

Heather the co-founder of the Coral Reef Education Institute. She is a USCG Captain, PADI Divemaster and Reef Check International Trainer. Heather has over 20 years of business and people management experience. She is a master coordinator and hopes to link people around the globe creating partnerships to restore coral reefs.

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Paul Badgley

Paul is the co-founder and Treasurer of the Coral Reef Education Institute. He is a USCG Captain with a sail endorsement, PADI Instructor, Reef Check International Trainer, Naturalist, Certified Foster Parent, Certified River Guide, Sit-ski instructor for paraplegics and amputees. Paul has been a Captain and Dive Instructor in Hawaii for over 24 years.

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Tara Brooks

Tara is the Secretary for the Coral Reef Education Institute, a PADI Divemaster and Reef Check International Trainer. She is a master at networking and bringing people together for the common good. Her passion in life is the sea. Educating people on the importance and beauty it holds is her goal.

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Nick Pacheco

Nick is a Reef Check International Trainer and ocean enthusiast. He is part of our leadership team working to educate citizen scientists to perform successful coral surveys in our state.